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JAS Standards Vegan Certification

Private Certification for Processed Foods, Cosmetics, Restaurants, and Hotels.

On the official website of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), our certification mark is introduced as the 'VEGAN symbol'.

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The vegan certification mark is registered or pending registration in the fields of cafes, advertising, and various food products.

You can use it with confidence, free from concerns about trademark disputes.

The Vegan Certification Mark has been adopted by over 500 restaurants in Japan, serving as a symbol of hospitality to vegans visiting Japan from around the world.

ビーガンフード おすすめ

Restaurant Foods

Introduction to the ‘Vegan’ Certification Mark for Restaurants: Featuring two types for specialty and optional menu establishments.



Available as in-flight dessert for vegetarian and vegan options in ANA’s international First Class and Business Class from Japan.

ヴィーガンオプション ジャパンヴィーガンソサエティー

Vegan Products

Introduction to the ‘Vegan’ Certification Mark for Products.


Vegan certification has been implemented for all restaurants directly managed by the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo.

Introducing the Imperial Hotel Vegan Gastronomy.
(PDF materials available only in Japanese)

Vegan Certification has been introduced at the Imperial Hotel, Osaka for:

Imperial Hotel, Osaka Vegan Gastronomy 
(PDF documents available only in Japanese)

Kobe Bussan (Business Supermarket) has launched Vegan Certification for its products.

Cruelty-Free Certification Official Mark By Japan Vegan Society

Cosmetics that do not use materials tested on animals.

The globally emerging concept of ‘Cruelty-Free,’ which has become a standard. When choosing cosmetics or everyday items that have not undergone animal testing, this mark serves as a clear indicator.

Trademark registration application filed.

The Vegan Restaurant Guidebooks for Tokyo and Kansai have been simultaneously released by the JTB Group.

日本ヴィーガン協会公式ヴィーガンレストランガイドブック東京編・関西編が JTBグループより同時発売

We conduct seminars to assist businesses and local governments in introducing vegan menus at their establishments.
We provide tailored support for each case, including assistance for businesses and subsidies for local governments planning to embark on such initiatives.

Japan Vegan Certifying Society (NPO)

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